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Portuguese Bank Account

Open a Portuguese bank account from abroad in just 5 easy steps, no Apostille needed. Personalized service included.

No Need for Apostille

Save time by bypassing the Apostille process; a Portuguese law firm will validate your signature instead.

Personalized Attention

Benefit from a dedicated bank manager who serves as your primary liaison with the bank.

Simplified Process

We handle the complexities for you, making it a straightforward 5-step journey to open your Portuguese bank account.

Here are the four essentials to kickstart the process.

  • Valid Passport: Our Bank Account service is open to all nationalities.

  • Portuguese NIF: You’ll also need your Portugal NIF document.

  • Employment Verification: Provide evidence of your current job.

  • Proof of Residence: Confirm your current address in your home country.


We partner with one of Portugal’s leading private banks, granting you access to an extensive network of branches and ATMs nationwide.

Whether you’re opening an individual or joint account, our service fee covers the expense of signature verification by a Portuguese law firm, eliminating the need for any document notarization or Apostille.

Included Amenities

The highlight of this service is a dedicated bank manager who will be your primary liaison with the bank.

Included Features:

  • Personalized bank manager
  • Access to online banking
  • Two debit cards
  • Two credit cards
  • Complimentary Euro transfers to SEPA member countries (EU, UK, and 8 additional states)

Monthly Service Charges

Your monthly maintenance fee is determined by your age and the average balance in your account. The total amount can be up to 15 euros / month.

Initial Deposit Requirement

A minimum deposit of 250 euros is needed to activate your account.

Portuguese bank account from abroad in just 5 easy steps

Step 1

Submit Details

Finish the $289 payment and complete our digital application.

Step 2

Obtain Account Opening Papers

Get your bank account initiation forms sent to your email.

Step 3

Authenticate Your Signatures

Have a law firm in Portugal validate your signed documents.

Step 4

Send Papers to Portugal

Compile and forward your documents to Portugal.

Step 5

Activate Your New Account

Acquire your IBAN, connect with your bank manager, and gain online access.

A Versatile Bank Account for All Your Needs.

“I was stressed about opening a bank account in Portugal, especially with the move coming up so soon. But Explore Tax made it incredibly easy. I received the forms by email, got my signatures authenticated by a Portuguese law firm, and even had a dedicated bank manager waiting for me. The best part? I did it all without leaving San Francisco. This service is a lifesaver!”

David Nguyen – Software Engineer

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